COVID-19: Response to Customers​

For all of us, these are unprecedented times. While COVID-19 has temporarily changed the way the world does business, First Advantage stands strong as a true partner to you, every step of the way.

Our 24/7 commitment to timely transparency and data-based decision making remains steadfast. As business and educational closures have transpired around the globe, we’ve made it our mission to inform our customers where these closures are causing the greatest impact. In support of this educational effort, our product team developed interactive U.S. and international maps to help you visualize where these delays are occurring and to what extent. Click here to access those resources.

We’re painfully aware that some other vendors in our industry are using the circumstances created by the pandemic to mislead customers about their capabilities and inflate their reach. That’s not the kind of business we operate. We are happy to report that we are currently fulfilling background screenings in over 92% of U.S. jurisdictions and are operating business as usual across several regions.  In full transparency, some customers may experience delays, particularly as a result of verification source closure (former places of work, educational institutions, etc.); however, these are delays that no screening company can avoid.  

First Advantage is the industry leader because we believe in true partnership with our clients. We are here for you and want to work with you to keep your business moving now and when this crisis is over.

If you have any questions, view our COVID-19 FAQ below, or email us at You may also contact us by phone.


Due to COVID-19, some customers may experience delays, which will vary by order-type and geography. Now that we have launched our business continuity plans around the globe, we are working to process all open orders as quickly as possible and are operating business as usual across several regions.

First Advantage is actively working to assess areas impacted by court closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our efforts include direct outreach to state and federal offices, as well as leveraging our partnerships with vendors who process searches physically at the courthouses. Our electronic direct access systems to the courts are currently processing without issues or delays. We will continue to monitor the situation across the United States and countries around the globe providing updates through our Enterprise Advantage platform as the situation moves forward.

If First Advantage partner drug screening sites or fingerprinting sites are temporarily closed, those options will not be available in our scheduling portal. Candidates who have already scheduled their testing at a site that has since closed can work with our scheduling team to be rescheduled to an open site.

Some candidates have expressed concerns regarding visiting drug testing sites where technicians may also be testing for coronavirus. Please note that our official laboratory partners are not testing for COVID-19 at the same labs that perform drug testing and only a limited number of third-party sites we partner with are testing for COVID-19 in their facilities. We do not anticipate that this will be an issue. Regularly working with medical samples for testing means that these sites are well equipped to handle these substances in a way that minimizes the risk to others. However, candidates who wish to be tested at an alternate location may request an alternate site through First Advantage.

We do not expect a delay in drug screen tests as a result of those labs processing COVID-19 tests. Our laboratory partners are testing COVID-19 at clinical testing labs that do not perform drug testing.

Updates related to First Advantage business processes will be delivered by Account Managers. First Advantage responses to delays or disruptions in service will be shared the following ways:

  1. Shared by Account Managers
  2. Delivered via email to the client contacts on file who have opted-in to receive communications
  3. Posted to Enterprise Advantage post-login messaging

At this time, the coronavirus (COVID-19) test is not currently available through our vendors for any type of drug-free workplace substance testing services. The COVID-19 test requires that samples be collected from the nose, throat or lungs in an appropriate healthcare setting, such as a hospital or physicians’ office. While our partners Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp have announced that they will be able to test COVID-19 samples, that is specifically for healthcare purposes only and is not currently available through our vendors for any type of drug-free workplace substance testing services. Employees and candidates suspected of, or confirmed to have, COVID-19 should consult with a physician.