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Criminal Records Monitoring

Protect your brand and reputatiobn

Safeguard your customers and employees

Maintain customer loyalty and trust

Guard against financial loss

Minimise Your Risk and Protect Your Bottom Line 

Workforce risks are virtually impossible to predict. A dishonest employee not only can create morale issues, but they may also present legal or financial concerns. As an employer, it’s critical to ensure you always have the right people representing your business.

Protect your organisation from potential employee-based threats and make smarter employee retainment decisions with First Advantage’s Criminal Records Monitoring.

How It Works

1) Enroll Employees 

Employees, along with their DBS certificate IDs, are added your First Advantage Criminal Records Monitoring roster. Back-office integration makes it easy to upload and manage your roster, and the automated system continuously “listens” for any new criminal activity matches.

2) Receive Alerts

If there is a match, the relevant law enforcement agency provides the criminal record data, via DBS, to First Advantage. After First Advantage verifies the match, you receive a verified activity alert.

Protect Your Business—and Your Bottom Line

Continuous monitoring is an important, proactive measure that helps protect your reputation and your bottom line. Are you ready to minimise your risk?

First Advantage conforms to the Data Privacy regulations and compliance requirements as specified by the United Kingdom.

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