Fingerprint Background Check Services

Our fingerprint background check helps you capture and process fingerprints quickly. We can assist in capturing prints in multiple locations and provide FBI channeling and outsource provider services.

Simplified Fingerprinting

We use the latest technology to provide accurate fingerprint background check information solutions that help you comply with industry regulations to reduce your risk. Our electronic fingerprinting solution and integrated software make scanning easier, without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

Access Livescan Fingerprint Scanner Drivers here.

Robust Fingerprinting Features

Our fingerprint background check solution lets you capture fingerprints in multiple locations, or you can use our network of partners to capture prints for you.  

  • We can create a centralized or decentralized fingerprint background check employee screening solution based on your specific hiring process.
  • We make it easy to recapture and re-submit fingerprints and reconcile FBI rap sheets data.

FBI Channeler

We are an approved FBI Channeler, that permits our company to submit fingerprints to the FBI and to return Criminal Record Information from the FBI to authorized recipients. In addition:

  • We offer a secure connection to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (formerly NASD).
  • We work with you to help ensure you follow the special handling and retention rules required by the FBI.
  • Provide outsourcing services for employers when needed.  

Full Access & Reporting

As a candidate completes the enrollment and fingerprint capture process the record becomes available for tracking and reporting purposes, allowing you to monitor every step of the process. 

Mobile Fingerprint Capture

In addition to more traditional fingerprint capture services, First Advantage offers a smartphone-based Mobile Fingerprint Capture solution. First Advantage partnered with Tascent, the industry leader in intuitive, multimodal biometrics to deliver these single-device FBI-certified fingerprinting capabilities. Employers can now bypass third-party collection sites and accelerate their background screening turnaround time by processing their biometric checks directly from a mobile device.
At present, Mobile Fingerprint Capture is available to First Advantage Financial Services and Public Housing Authorities customers.

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