Our verifications determine whether the information provided by a candidate is accurate.

Common inaccuracies include grades achieved, positions held and length of employment – all of which can have a significant impact on a candidate’s ability to perform effectively in their role.

We always contact former employers / institutions directly, rather than the individual provided by a candidate, to avoid the possibility of speaking to someone masquerading as a legitimate referee.

Education Verification

Verifies a candidate’s school, college and/or university attendance, qualifications and grades attained.

Inaccurate information regarding academic qualifications is one of the most common discrepancies we uncover.

This type of check is particularly important for younger candidates, such as graduates, interns and trainees, for whom academic attainment is likely to be a significant factor in the recruitment decision. Not only is the likelihood of the candidate succeeding in their role often intrinsically linked to their training and academic background, but advances in technology have made it increasingly easy for candidates to falsify documents or obtain non-legitimate certificates through questionable organizations or companies holding themselves out as legitimate educational institutions.

We will always approach the appropriate academic institutions directly to verify a candidate’s qualifications. Some educational bodies will make an administrative charge for confirmation of qualifications. Having been performing these checks for many years, we know how to work with these institutions to obtain verifications quickly and accurately.

In certain countries, institutions are not legally able to provide confirmation of academic details. In these cases, we have the capability in-house to provide summary translations of supporting documents supplied by candidates in many languages. For languages not supported in-house, we can provide professional translations at minor additional cost.

Please note that the period of time that schools and colleges typically retain student records is seven years, or indefinitely in the case of universities.

Employment History

Verifies a candidate’s employment history in any country and during any period (typically three, five, six or ten years).

With extensive language capabilities in-house and offices worldwide, we can verify employment history in almost any country/territory. Details that we aim to verify include employer name and address, start and end dates, position(s) held and reason for leaving. For employers within the UK financial services sector for example, we will request additional details as set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), from previous employers where applicable.

Employment history and reference checks are an integral part of almost all pre and post-employment screening packages. Between 2011 and 2014, almost a quarter (24.4%) of all employment verifications in EMEA uncovered discrepancies, most of which relate to dates of employment and position held.

Verifying a candidate’s employment history can help build-up a picture of their reliability, integrity and, most importantly, their suitability for the role and your organisation. Candidates may also attempt to hide brief and unsuccessful periods of employment by stretching start and leave dates with other employers.

Clients can choose the period of time or a specific number of previous employers to be verified.

We will always request references directly from the former employer’s human resources department (‘at source’), rather than the referee provided by the candidate, to ensure impartiality and accuracy.

Company policy often precludes the possibility of obtaining line manager or supervisor references from previous employers for fear of litigation. Where references are not available from HR to cover a pre-determined period of time, First Advantage uses a variety of different methods to obtain confirmation of a candidate’s previous employment history and activities during periods of time that are unaccounted for. First Advantage will also verify employment details / obtain references for one or any defined number of previous employers.

Professional Qualification Verification

Verifies professional qualifications, licences and memberships provided by a candidate.

Possession of a professional qualification is often an essential requirement for certain roles. Failure to adequately verify a candidate’s aptitude and credentials could lead to them performing a role for which they are unqualified or otherwise unsuitable.

We will approach the awarding body directly (‘at source’) for independent confirmation of a candidate’s qualifications. Verification comes in various forms depending on the individual institution‘s process. Written confirmation is commonplace, however some professional bodies use premium rate phone lines for verbal verification and others offer on-line verification tools. Many professional bodies will levy an administration charge for this service.

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